Dirk Mewes is a professional maker and performer of uilleann pipes.

  • Makes custom uilleann pipes and uillean pipe components
  • Chanters  (concert pitch in key of D)
  • Bellows,  either hand-stitched, or tacked designs.
  • Drones (concert pitch)
  • Regulators – tenor, baritone and bass regulators in concert pitch.
  • Uilleann pipe practice sets (bag, bellows, chanter, reed, and blowpipe stocks.
  • Half-sets, including drones and stock prepared for tenor and baritone regulators.
  • Three-quarter sets, with two regulators.
  • Full set, including all three regulators
  • Many options available, including metal type, wood type, and key styles.

A homepage section

Though I recently have been building this new web site, you can see some of my older blog posts at http://dwmpipes.blogspot.com


Dirk Mewes has been playing uilleann pipes for 20 years, and making the instrument since 2010.  He strives to make instruments that are easy to play, have the most authentic sound, and are durable and travel well.



For inquiries,  please feel free to use this contact form, or contact me through a Facebook or Instagram message. If that doesn’t work for you, I will also check comments that you might make on my website blog. I generally try to respond very quickly.